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JUST is a team of Unit Trust Consultants comprising Product Specialist, Wealth Managers and  Financial Planners. We have produced 5 agencies under the consortium of five Group Agency Managers called JCHISN headed by Jaslinah Abdul Rahman B.Acc, CFP, IFP. 


At JUST we believe in developing responsible Unit Trust Consultants and maintain a win-win relationship with our clients. We will strive to impart financial knowledge, to provide financial planning solutions with optimized resources for people using unit trust funds in achieving their financial objectives in pursuit of happiness here and hereafter.


JUST is focus in being an icon for growing a sustainable unit trust business. Our Vision :

For our People: A productive networks of UTC to synergize and be “The best they can be”.

For our Portfolio: A portfolio of financial plans, which provides reliable investment plans and platform.

For our Partners: Nurture a win-win network  between customers, JUST UTCs and Public Mutual Berhad.


JUST core values define our attitudes and serve as a compass for our actions and behavior. These values are :

Just : Be fair to ourselves and our family, PM, our agency and our clients.

Unique : Be unique and useful in providing professional services and deliver valuable products.

Savvy & Street-smart : Be knowledgeable with timely market information and provide solid financial planning advisory.

Trustworthy : Be trusted and endure lasting professional relationship.

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Our business model and support system provide Unit Trust Consultants with like-minded attitude to grow their business; to replicate and develop newer Consultants and to tap the abundance of opportunity in Wealth Creation and Accumulation. Each transaction involves channeling resources from bank deposits, EPF savings and many other deposits available, into suitable Unit Trust Funds.

Our bias towards Islamic Financial Planning is founded on the believe that financial planning here, is part of planning for the hereafter. Our well-branded unit trust funds are awarded  “Most Trusted Brand” for many years and lead in asset size as well as industry recognitions.